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"Some people try to hurt India's reputation on international stage" Rajnath Singh slams Rahul Gandhi

March 18, 2023 04:43 PM

Lucknow : Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday slammed Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Indian democracy stating that some people are trying to hurt India's reputation.Rajnath Singh's remarks came a Holi Milan event organized by Lucknow Udyog Vyapar Mandal in his Lok Sabha constituency Lucknow.

"A person who went abroad asked the people from Europe and America that why are you sitting quietly when India's democracy is in danger. It hurts when our country is progressing and India's reputation is on the rise in the world and some people are trying to hurt India's reputation," he said while addressing a public gathering at the event organised by Lucknow Udyog Vyapar Mandal.
"People in Pakistan are also saying that Pakistan's Prime Minister should be like Modiji as our country is progressing fast," he added.


During the event, Rajnath Singh also mentioned that the voice of India is heard on the international stage due to its growing economic prestige. "Before 2014 we were ranked 11th in terms of size of economy but now we have left Britain behind. With the ongoing progress, we can become the top 3 economies in the world by 2027-28. Now the world listens to us on the International stage as India has created a prestige of its own," the defence minister added.


"Today record-breaking foreign investment is happening in India. You must have read in the newspaper that Apple's new factory is coming up in Karnataka. Earlier Apple used to do this work in China now it will do it in India. When we look at the banking sector it is the result of reforms in banking that where the banks of developed countries of America and Europe are faltering, the banks of India are very strong," he added.


Rajnath Singh also mentioned the economic progress made in Uttar Pradesh. "Today, everywhere there is talk of multiple investments coming in Uttar Pradesh. We know the UP government has received Rs 35 lakh crore investment proposals from the Global Investors Summit. Also, Ease of doing business has improved in the state," he said.

During the event, Rajnath Singh assured the members of the Lucknow Vyapari Mandal association that he would listen and try to resolve the problems of local businessmen.

"Once the parliament session gets over I request you to come to me. I will try to arrange a meeting of your delegation with the Finance Minister or Commerce Minister," he said.

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