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Madhya Pradesh

"PM Modi has always prioritised development of janajati communities": Tripura CM Saha

April 23, 2024 11:30 AM

Agartala : During an election rally on Monday, Tripura's Chief Minister, Dr Manik Saha, criticised the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Congress party, accusing them of exploiting janajati communities as mere vote banks.


"Prime Minister Modi has always prioritised the development of janajati communities, distinguishing his administration starkly from the previous misrule under the CPI(M) and Congress. Their 35-year governance relied heavily on janajati votes without delivering real progress," CM Saha stated.

The rally, held at Ramchandra Ghat in Khowai District, saw Dr Saha campaigning fervently for BJP candidate Kriti Singh Debbarma for the upcoming East Lok Sabha seat election.

In his spirited address, CM Saha expressed confidence in securing a significant voter turnout and victory for the BJP, reflecting on the high voter engagement in the Tripura West Lok Sabha seat. He underscored the importance of further increasing voter participation this election cycle.

He accused the newly formed INDIA bloc, consisting of CPI(M) and Congress, of misleading the public and promoting violence and chaos during elections, a stark contrast to the peace and development brought about by the BJP since 2018 under PM Modi's leadership.

Saha further lambasted the opposition for their empty promises of prosperity, which he claimed culminated in a burdensome Rs 13,000 crore debt for the state. In contrast, he lauded Prime Minister Modi's introduction of the HIRA model (Highways, Internet, Railways, and Airways) and the Act East Policy, aimed at enhancing connectivity and economic growth in the Northeastern region.


"The condition of the Northeast was pathetic before 2014. However, peace has been restored and the region has seen unprecedented development since then, thanks to the efforts of PM Modi," CM Saha added, warning that the main agenda of the INDI alliance was to sow confusion among the electorate.

The rally was also attended by prominent BJP figures including former Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma, MLA Ranjit Debbarma, BJP secretary Devid Debbarma, and youth leader Nabadal Banik, all showing unified support for Kriti Singh Debbarma's candidacy.
As the election nears, the political atmosphere in Tripura remains charged, with the BJP confidently pushing forward its agenda of sustained development and increased democratic engagement.

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