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The practice of taking out the first bread for the cow and the last bread for the dog is taking a backseat- Atul Malikram Political Analyst

November 23, 2021 01:37 PM

India is a country flourishing with the blessings of vast culture, whose indelible impression has echoed throughout the world for centuries. Our ancestors have entrusted us with a sense of service towards all the living beings. Remember the days, when we used to go with our grandparents with great fervor to feed the first chapati with ghee-jaggery to the cow and the last chapati to the dog and after that we used to sit and eat with all the family members. Our elders have taught us that it is our duty to feed animals. But today, the culture of feeding the animals has taken a backseat. The practice of taking out the first piece of chapati for the cows is diminishing day by day.
Seeing people distancing themselves from this limitless benevolence disturbs my mind with numerous questions. Who will now give the first bread of the morning to the cow? Who will feed the dog the last bread? Who can they depend upon if we stop ourselves from caring for them?
Who will revive this culture? Why have we forgotten that every creature on this earth is hungry for love? Why have we forgotten that other beings are dependent on nature just as a man, to some extent? During the sixteen days of the shraadh, we feed the crows with food, with the belief that our ancestors will not go hungry. Keeping this in mind, I want to ask what is the harm in taking care of these animals and birds for all the 365 days of a year?
Right now, the condition is that in many homes, due to busy schedules and adoption of new civilization, the tradition of taking out the first and last bread of the day in our household has ended.
Some people, even if they allow animals in their homes, find themselves standing in the dock of protest. They believe that these animals can harm the children and the elderly in the household, and are thus rejected. It is high time we come above such a mentality. These creatures are a gift of nature. At Least one person from a neighborhood should come forward, and adopt one cow and one dog. Under the supervision of the watchman, all the residents of the neighborhood should together take the responsibility of feeding and taking care of these animals. Now, coming onto the matter of cleanliness, then, if we can contribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, then arrangements for cleanliness can be easily done for these mute creatures. So, take a vow from today itself that we will keep following the practice of taking out the first bread for the cow and the last bread for the dog till the last breath of our life. Reply Forward

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